Catch the Dragon!

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Catch the Dragon!

In the magic land of Choosydragons, children are tought to chase and catch dragons from early years. But it is not easy. First you need to get basic hunting equipment, gain experience with smaller dragons, and ultimately you can dare to catch an adult dragon. But all local dragons have one weakness. They are very choosy! In the local gardens, juicy fruits grow ripe and the dragons can easily get lured. Do not hesitate and come and try to catch your dragon!


Catch the Dragon! is a simple and short game for little children from 4 years. Players roll a special fruit dice and collect dragon or equipment cards.

Catch the Dragon! Has very easy rules with no need of reading any cards or texts when playing. Not even knowing numbers is necessary because you roll a fruit dice with pictures. Little players learn the basics of tactics and planning.


The game is ideal for 2 to 4 players but also includes a cooperative variant that can be played in 1 to 4. Small cards in a small box is ideal for traveling!


Catch the Dragon!

Number of players: 1-4

Time of play: 15-20 min

Recommended age: 4+

Contents: cards of equipment, cards of dragons (3 levels), cards of special quests for cooperative type of game, 1 fruit dice, rules


The Dragon Coloring Book is available to buy with and contains both pictures and easy pen-and-paper games. Dragon Diary is included in the book, where children can record and name which dragons they have already caught in the game.