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Oeconomica is an exciting board game designed to teach basic economic principles. Players take the role of investors who want to maximize their profit. As an economic simulation, Oeconomica serves as a great educational tool for explaining basic economic concepts such as market, price, supply, demand or profit.

Competitive edge:

  • Economic theme

  • Can be used for educational purposes in classrooms or special seminars

  • Developed in cooperation with economists from the prestigious Institute of Economic Studies, Charles University in Prague

  • Original artworks

  • Two gameplay versions - basic and full

  • Thorough methodical handbook for educators

Game Information

Year Published: 2013

Number of Players: 3-5

Suggested Ages: 12-99

Playing Time: basic version: 25 minutes, full version: 60 minutes

Game Format: game board, cards, tokens, paper money

Game Mechanics: investments, profit-making, market behavior

Game Language: Czech