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Our partners


Afro website for lovers of African music and culture, workshops, magazine. Afro supports our Extreme Memory Game Lilanga.



Bez mámy (Without Mother) - This NGO  built a school and an orphanage in Tanzania. Realization partner of Extreme Memory Game Lilanga and one of the sellers. Buying through their e-shop all the profit is used for the charity purposes.



Czech republic championship in memory game - Participants of the championship 2013 had the opportunity to try our Extreme Memory Game Lilanga and winners received it as one of the prizes.



Scio - we cooperate with Scio on a new educational game Oeconomica, which is dedicated especially to schools.



Virtuální mozkocvična (Virtual Bran-Fitness) - you enjoyed our Extreme memory game Lilanga but you feel the need to practice more memory even more and under supervision? Try Virtual Brain-Fitness