One summer afternoon, a lion, a crocodile, a gorilla, and a rhino meet at Lake Victoria, and as usual they get to arguing about who is the actual king of the jungle. The lion loudly claims that he has always been the king of the jungle. The crocodile suggests that he repeats that a bit closer to the river edge. The gorilla hammers her chest and bares her fangs. The rhino threatens the rest that, if they don’t recognize his horn as a royal crown, he may use it for other purposes. Finally, they come to an agreement: the one who can stir up the most support from the other animals of the jungle will be declared the one true king.


How does the game work?

Kombo Afrika is a dynamic combination game for 2 to 4 players. Collect animals into packs, use their abilities, utilize your memory and combine the cards on a vivid game table which changes under your hands. The goal of the game is to collect maximum number of points. If you manage to create a group of 3 or more animal cards of the same kind next to each other (a pack), you can hide them in the jungle, i.e. turn the cards upside down and get points for them. Be careful, as all cards on the table can be used by any player. You can use cards placed by your opponents and your opponents can use cards that were placed by you. The game table belongs to no one and changes fast!

game content

Eight different animals

Each of the eight animals in the game has a unique ability which can be activated when placed on the game table.

suri, vult, giffe

  • Gorilla pushes away all animals that follow you and you can draw new cards to your hand.
  • Meerkat has lots of supplies in its den and many friends who support it with one extra card.
  • Giraffe with a neck like a crane can move a card on the table to a different position.
  • Crocodile eats one animal on the table – its card is turned upside down and the player earns a point.
  • Vulture can revive any card that was turned upside down (like the card that crocodile just ate) by turning it back face up.
  • Snake has a hypnotic stare which can hypnotize any animal. The player who played the snake takes the hypnotized animal from the game table to his hand.
  • Parrot inspires all animals that follow you into singing and dancing frenzy and you gain 1 point for every card in your hand.
  • Chameleon is a master of disguise, so he can complement any pack of other animals.

Use these abilities wisely. During your turn you can create only one combo, so make sure it is worth it!

game play in progress


Author of the game mechanics as well as of brilliant comics illustrations is the Slovak king of animal kingdom Ondrej “Nero” Sova.

See photos from the game and share your own under the hashtag #KomboAfrika.