With Numerix, mathematics is fun at last!

Numerix is an educational board game, which can be used as a complementary tool for teaching mathematics at primary schools, or as a game for families with young children. Successful solution of mathematical problems moves players towards the finish. Variability of Numerix allows to choose an appropriate level across age scale, including the youngest children who are learning numbers and figures and competitive adults.

Numerix - počítání, které baví.

Application in schools

The game is designed to target schools. This game is very fast and easy to set. It stimulates pupils to interact and communicate. The players who are waiting for their turn never get bored, as they are interested in mathematical problems of their classmates and check their solutions. Numerix allows to practise mathematics through a number of problems even in short time. The pupils practise both through calculating their own problems and through watching their classmates solve theirs. Numerix was tested in schools. We want to say thank you to all the teachers involved. We are happy that they have finally found a way to make mathematics fun.

What topics are focused?

  • identification of numbers and digits
  • identification of even and odd numbers
  • comparing numbers
  • basic mathematical operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
    ... for numbers up to 10, 20, and 100


součást hry

  • sada unikátních kostek
  • 4 figurky
  • hrací plánek
  • výsledkové matice
  • pravidla
  • 2–4 hráčů
  • 5+ let
  • 5–15 minut