Appease Yōkai spirits!

There is chaos among the Japanese Yōkai spirits. Your goal is to reconnect Yōkai from the same family in order to calm them. But the Yōkai spirits are hiding, you will need ingenuity as well as empathy if you are to succeed in your common goal.

Yōkai is a cooperative game, but you cannot communicate with each other directly! During the game you will move Yōkai spirit cards and give each other clues as to where to find which spirit.

But the clues are in short supply, and rarely precise. You will thus need both memory and strategic thinking if you are to win the game.

Yōkai game contains also the “Path of Masters” option, which gradually increases the difficulty of the game and thus presents new challenges for more experienced gamers.

Yōkai is designed primarily for lovers of shorter cooperative games where luck plays only a minor role.

How does it work? There are four types of Yōkai cards, representing the four families of spirits. These are mixed together and placed on the table face down. Players need to move the Yōkai cards so that at the end of the game, all Yōkai cards from the same family are bordering each other. In their turns, players gradually reveal the identity of Yōkai cards and give each other clues about their location. But be careful, as the time is running up!


For whom was Yokai created?

  • For all those, who could enjoy a strategic cooperative game about ancient Japanese spirits!
  • Whole family can play together and have fun, but the game also contains the Path of Masters option for more experienced players.

Why to play Yokai?

  • In order to succeed in reuniting the Yokai, you need to “spiritually” connect with other players, so that you provide the most information through your turn, which will help you all to gather the Yokai.
  • The game is convenient to play, as it is card only. You do not need any game board or other components.
  • Yokai is among the top cooperative games internationally and became a bestseller in various countries.