What is Quartino?

Quartino is an abstract strategy game about building color combinations. Be the first to clear your hand by creating the right pattern on the board and you’re the winner.

Pokládejte hrací kameny na desku a dosáhněte Quartina.

Why play Quartino?

Quartino has very simple rules but creates complex situations which demand forward thinking, spatial awareness, and sustained focus. However, there is just enough luck to allow for unexpected twists and keep players on their toes!

How to play Quartino?

Each player randomly draws four color combination cards. Players take turns placing stones on the game board. Whoever completes all color combinations of their cards on the board is the winner.

Elegantní dřevo, moderní design.

Who is the target audience of Quartino?

Quartino has a wide target audience of all players who enjoy fast abstract games. Its simple rules allow even non-players to enjoy the game from the very beginning, but the potential complex strategies predestine the game to be great for tournaments of experienced players.

    • wooden game board
    • 28 wooden tokens
    • 4 wooden stands
    • 24 Quartino cards
    • english game rules