The Port of Malacca, a place belonging to so called String of Pearls, is a thriving trade centre, attracting daily a number of merchants from all around the world. Local markets mesmerise you with heady scents of exotic spices, glitter of gold, silver, diamonds, and fineness of precious fabrics. Yet there is a darker side, with callous pirates, cut throats and smugglers gathering in its shadowy harbour taverns. You are a captain of your own ship, entering Malacca with the goal of accumulating as much wealth as possible. Which part suit you best? Will you become a merchant, a pirate, or will you choose the role of a defender who protects merchant ships?

Malacca is a fast-paced card game from the world of pirates. It is a challenge for players who like placing bets and taking risks. Your fate in the game is not driven by chance! Show that you are the one who knows the tricks.

Malacca - svižná pirátská hra.

What is the game system?

The game is based on reading opponents’ strategy and making good decisions when choosing actions to take and placing bets. The chance is fair. Success or failure in this game depends on how well opponents’ strategies are estimated and this information exploited.

The Malacca Strait is full of merchant vessels. You and your opponents are captains who can contact these vessels to trade, but also attack them, or protect them from other attacking players. Each vessel holds cargo, a temptation for pirates. You can also get wealth through trade, if the vessel has not been looted. Defending vessels from pirates gives you privileges provided by the Governor of Malacca. On the local market, you can buy new equipment to increase your power. On top of that, you can choose from famous captains of real history, such as Henry Morgan, Rodrigo Orgónez, Sayyida al Hurra, and others. Each captain has special skills and properties.