We surely do not want to spoil all the possible game strategies but we think you might appretiate a few tips for the start:

  • The game center is crucial. It's certainly worth fighting for it. 
  • The third stone in a staple is the most stable one. 
  • The 13th stone in the game is often the one deciding the game. 
  • Coincidence in the game can be almost eliminated. 

For a full strategic experience we recommend to play Quartino 1 against 1 or a team version. 

Do you have any questions regarding the strategy in Quartino? Did you reveal any new trick? Do you think there is no defense against any strategy? Write us on quartino@lorisgames.cz.

    • wooden game board
    • 28 wooden tokens
    • 4 wooden stands
    • 24 Quartino cards
    • english game rules