Quartino is a game for 2 to 4 players. In 4 players we recommend a team play which offers a wide range of new strategies.

In this version 2 players team up and play together. Each player draws randomly 2 cards. Each team should sit on one side of the table so that the players can see the Quartino cards of their team-mates. 

The players play their turns "zigzag", i.e. in an order so that both players and teams change each turn. (The first player of the first team starts the game, followed by the the first player of the second team. Then the second player of the first team, followed by the second player of the second team.)

Each player places his stones and playes his cards as usually. He may however play only his own Quartino cards, not those of his team-mate. If one player manages to play both his cards, he continous playing (placing stones in his turn) to prapare a good position for his team-mate. 

The winning team is the one where both players managed to play all their Quartino cards.  

    • wooden game board
    • 28 wooden tokens
    • 4 wooden stands
    • 24 Quartino cards
    • english game rules